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CAREMILE launches Its Graphene Wig at the US Wig Exhibition

CAREMILE develops the world’s first wig which is constructed from graphene, a new material of dreams

NEW YORK, NY, April 03, 2023 – (SEAPRWire) – CAREMILE Co., Ltd., a healthcare and beauty trading company, has recently revealed the development of the world’s first-ever graphene fiber; in addition, the company has also achieved success in creating wigs made of graphene.

This material is the thinnest of all known materials but is high-strength with a tensile strength of 200 times that of steel. The material is attracting interest in a variety of fields, including displays, special fibers, energy, and semiconductors. Active research is being conducted on its use in sanitary products, healthcare, and beauty products because it has excellent antibacterial and deodorizing properties, as well as far-infrared radiation and UV protection effects.

The global wig fiber market is undergoing intense competition, with graphene application technology being regarded as a next-generation core technology to gain an edge over rivals. In this context, CAREMILE Co, Ltd. has gained significant attention in the domestic wig industry with the development of the world’s first graphene fiber and wigs using graphene fiber.

CAREMILE has registered trademarks for wigs made of graphene fiber, “Graphera” and “BlingBling”, as it accelerates marketing activities in order to penetrate foreign markets.

The graphene wig “BlingBling” manufactured using “Graphera” offers several advantages over conventional wigs; it is lightweight due to the reduced weight of the fiber, making it more comfortable to wear, and can withstand temperatures up to 180 degrees, making it more durable with less hair damage. Additionally, it offers a comfortable fit with its antibacterial and anti-microbial, rapid-drying, and anti-odor properties.

In September of last year, “BlingBling” which was tested by the National Authorized Testing-Inspection and Research Institute (KOTITI) and live-action tests on 1,000 consumers, achieved favorable results in eight of the categories evaluated, including “soft hair texture” and “reduced tangling of hair.” In August 2022, CAREMILE filed numerous patent applications related to its graphene wigs constructed from graphene-containing fiber and intended to continue.

CAREMILE anticipates a rapid increase in demand for graphene fiber and graphene wigs in the context of the steady growth of the global wig market; as part of their efforts to attract overseas buyers, the company plans to participate continuously in major beauty trade shows throughout North America and Europe, beginning with the Georgia Beauty Trade Show on March 26th. Also, they plan to launch their product simultaneously in both online and offline stores in Korea in May.

“Our company promotes the development of various graphene-based healthcare and beauty products with Graphera, a graphene wig fiber, and BlingBling, a graphene wig brand manufactured with Graphera,” said Alex Cheon, President of CAREMILE. “We intend to increase our global market share in the near future by utilizing the developed manufacturing infrastructure and distribution and marketing platforms that CAREMILE has built in North America, Southeast Asia, and Japan,” he added.

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