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Warren Buffett 2023 recommended financial products, better than 99% return on index funds

  • If you are a person who likes to invest, you have heard of Warren Buffett, known as the “God of Stocks”. In the investment world, he is considered a legend. He is called the “God of Stocks” because he has been investing for more than sixty years, with annual returns of more than twenty percent. I am afraid that only Warren Buffett can do this in this world.
  • Therefore, his investment philosophy and successful experience, but also widely spread, affecting countless people. Among them, Warren Buffett’s most valued is the “long-term hold” strategy. If you can understand and implement this strategy, your investment path, will take twenty years less detours! From this point of view, financial products that conform to Warren Buffett’s investment philosophy have become the most anticipated by investors and the most popular financial products in the market.
  • Array is one of them, which can maintain high returns for a long time. All in all, it is a truly centralized DeFi program whose purpose is simply to maximize the protection of investors’ interests. In the next step, we will analyze in detail why this product is worth holding for a long time?
  • Openness and transparency on a capital basis.
  • There is no doubt that Array has an excellent portfolio. Ninety percent of the platform’s funds flow into the underlying contract, which acts as a backstop, and the other ten percent flows into the pool for circulation. The team has no fundraising and no tokens, and all trading operations are carried out on the chain, open and transparent and completely open source, which ensures the transparency and security of the investment process for investors, thus safeguarding the security of funds, which is the most important issue for investors.
  • Ecological rationalization, long term high efficiency and benefit
  • Compared with other index-based funds in the market, Array performs better, with its annualized return reaching 36%, exceeding 99% of index-based funds. This is thanks to its ecological logic and its own developed artificial intelligence smart algorithm: Array-Go.
  • By pledging $ARA, users not only get an annual pledge rate of 36%, but also automatically generate $USDR. Since the pledge ratio is 4:1, every 5% of $USDR consumed will lock in 20% of $ARA, thus pushing up the price of $ARA. Such a contractual relationship allows the price of $ARA as a whole to steadily increase. Such an economic model and mechanism ensures both the safety of investors’ capital and their long-term returns.
  • Array developed Array-Go, a new version of artificial intelligence that has all the benefits of Bounding Curve, such as maintaining stable currency prices and reducing risk, while also having a lot of room for upgrades. Array-Go is a full artificial intelligence that learns, analyzes and predicts based on big data of user behavior, by market Behavior drives the algorithm, and it is not controlled by any human or institutional control. For example, when the $ARA giant whale plans to sell $ARA in a big way, Array-Go intelligently sells tokens in batches at the best price based on its past market behavior and prediction of future market trend to maximize the holders’ income.
  • Multiple income, easy to earn big money
  • If you want to invest in Array, you can get pledge income by pledging against $ARA. In addition, there are many ways to get $ARA by participating in official social media and community activities, buying on the exchange, participating in the app to earn $USDR, etc. Investors only need to hold a certain amount of $ARA to participate in pledging and can get stable income. At the same time, investors can also use the $USDR in USD to offset the debt and unlock the $ARA in USD.
  • All in all, Array is undoubtedly a high-yielding financial product for the average investor and worth holding for a long time. It is invested in a way that provides the most basic protection for us common folk. If you are a beginner investor and want to get long-term stable income, then Array is undoubtedly the best choice for you.