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Top RSS Feeds for Singapore’s Latest Press Releases in 2023

Author: Eric Chakra

Staying up-to-date with the latest news and happenings can be a challenge in our busy world today. However, RSS feeds provide a convenient way to get new content delivered right to you, saving time and effort. For those looking to keep tabs on Singapore’s latest press releases across business, tech, education, and media, RSS feeds are an invaluable resource.

Here are some top RSS feeds to follow for Singapore’s most recent and relevant press releases in 2023:

1. Singapore Era: Latest News & Events in Singapore

Website: https://SingaporeEra.com

RSS Feeds: https://singaporeera.com/feed/

2. Voice of Asia – Singapore News & Headlines, Press Releases & Events

Website: https://VOASG.com

RSS Feeds: https://VOASG.com/feed/

3. Today in Singapore: News & Press Releases at Singapore, Asia

Website: https://TodayInSG.com

RSS Feeds: https://VOASG.com/feed/

4. Southeast Asia Chronicel: Instant News and Events in Singapore

Website: https://SEAChronicle.com

RSS Feeds: https://VOASG.com/feed/

5. Lion City Life: Lifestyle, Business, Sports, News in Singapore City

Website: https://LionCityLife.com

RSS Feeds: https://VOASG.com/feed/

6. Sinchew Business: Breaking News, Business Events, Opportunities in Singapore

Website: https://SinchewBusiness.com

RSS Feeds: https://VOASG.com/feed/

7. Asia Ease: Singapore News, Hong Kong News, Southeast Asia Local Stories

Website: https://AsiaEase.com

RSS Feeds: https://VOASG.com/feed/

8. Asia Featured: Latest Singapore, Hongkong News and Headlines, Asia Featured Stories

Website: https://AsiaFeatured.com

RSS Feeds: https://VOASG.com/feed/

9. Asean Fun: Latest News in Singapore, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and Global

Website: https://AseanFun.com

RSS Feeds: https://VOASG.com/feed/

10. Singapura Now: What happen in Singapore: News, Life, Sports, Business in Singapura

Website: https://SingapuraNow.com

RSS Feeds: https://VOASG.com/feed/

11. Singdao PR: Press Releases, Companye Events, Business News in Singapore

Website: https://SingdaoPR.com

RSS Feeds: https://VOASG.com/feed/

12. Singdao Times: Singapore News. Events, Business Announcement

Website: https://SingdaoTimes.com

RSS Feeds: https://VOASG.com/feed/

By subscribing to these RSS feed links, it takes no time to get new press releases delivered to your news reader. For digital signage, schools, businesses and anyone wanting to stay in-the-know on Singapore happenings, these feeds provide a simple way to integrate the latest news right into your communications. The great thing about RSS feeds is that they allow you to easily customize and filter the news you receive. For example, if you are only interested in tech news, you can subscribe to just the e27, Vulcan Post and Techgoondu feeds. Or if you want press releases across multiple sectors, you can subscribe to The Business Times, NUS News, and PR Newswire Singapore for a diverse range of announcements.

With the ability to subscribe to only the feeds you want, RSS allows you to truly tailor your news experience. You can also integrate feeds into websites, apps and other platforms to automatically populate with the latest press releases. Whether you are looking to stay updated personally or provide a stream of new content for an audience, leveraging RSS feeds for Singapore press releases enables you to accomplish this with minimal effort.